Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Apologizes from the author

I must say sorry, but this blog is dead until I get a new computer. Long story short thats about it. When I get a new one maybe then fallout will run well enough to continue, but for now I must say farwell.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


((Delayed due to testing new effects and ideas for the blog. Most turn out to be failures, but I am still diverging into more areas of interactment and media. Also I hate my voice and recording equipment. Back to our regular scheduled program.....))



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Holotape: 26

Time: 14:29

September 29, 2279


Today was interesting....but then again what day isn't? I almost ended up being eaten alive, blown up, shot at, drowned, pierced, and reconstructed. Danger is starting to develop as my middle name and likewise I am starting to embrace it.

Long story short is that I went to find Pinkerton today, but the Mirelurk clean up project wasn't done yet. I decided enough time was wasted and I needed to find that android now, so I picked up my rifle and headed to the broken bow to find out for myself the mystery of the ghost of Pinkerton.

Catchy. Anyway the problem was that the door to the bow was locked from the other side and the only other way to get in was in a small hole in the detached bow....that was....underwater at best. I hadn't needed to learn how to swim much in my life (other then recreational), but I put myself to the test and swam through the ripped asunder tunnel and made it inside.

That makes it sound simple, but I can say without a doubt that I almost drowned. i made it halfway when a door blocked my path and I had to open it up underwater and continue the rest of the way without a single breath. My lungs still ache.....

After the almost drowning, I then proceeded into a horrible rotten section of the ship that was half flooded and half filled with man-eating mirelurks and then distaste for my current state of living. Suffice to say I had my trigger down most the way through the whole mess. Walk up some stairs, shot a mirelurk, walk downstairs, shoot a mirelurk, walk around, get blown the hell up by some pieced together death trap!

I almost killed Pinkerton when I found him. Yes, I did find him hiding behind many traps and doors. I don't really want to get into it, but I was a bit pissed when I found him. Apparently he exists and is hiding there to conduct research on god knows what. He just yelled at me for a while and then gave me what I needed if I "got the hell out". Intelligence doesn't always make the man it seems.

I need to know plan my next course of action. I want to see what Zimmer has to offer in tech, but then again can I really doom a man to servitude for it? Even if it is simply a machine? Does that make me a slaver? I must think......


Android Log 3

I got those memories into that Android like I was God sending down messages from Heaven. Calls himself "Harkness" now. Thinks he's an old combat veteran. Did a little extra tinerking with his reflex system. He's certainly not someone I'd want to meet in a fight. When he "woke up" he was all confused. We told him he was in a coma for a long time. Between the new memories and the new face I gave him, there isn't anyone that would recognize him. Not even himself!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Super Hunting

Holotape: 25

Time: 12:43

Date: September 28, 2279


Today I spent the whole day killing super mutants and conversing with traders. I woke up this morning in a foul mood that was biting at my subconscious. I tried to shake it as I had a quick breakfast in the Marketplace, but it get nagging at me. I quickly decided that my search for Pinkerton could wait and I needed to get some action to burn off my anger. I grabbed my plasma rifle from the room I have been renting and set out to the outside world of post apocolyptia.

I headed past the swing bridge and down a long flight of stairs to the ground floor to be greeted by a caravan guard waiting for her trader. She reminded me of Lucy and I quickly hurried off without so much as a hello. The path I choose was blocked and I didn't feel like going into the subways, so I backtracked into the opposite direction and headed for the Jefferson Monument.

Honestly I had no clue why I felt the way i did....but I guess it didn't really matter anyway. I came up to the memorial quickly and soon changed that plan when I saw the barricades and human remains scattered around from the recent super mutant activity. I crouched down and put on foot in front of the other carefully as I moved to the monument. My feet trembled soon after putting so much weight on my legs and I ended up falling down slightly into a sitting position. My quick movement apparently alerted the closest mutant as he screamed and took out his taped together PPSH.

I had barley enough time to roll out of the way of his first shot, the bullet graving the side of my arm as it flew by. I already had my plasma rifle ready and aimed up as Lucy once taught me. As I aimed into my sights....I could see that the mutant knew his fate. For a split second he seemed have fear in his eyes and tried with all his might to reload his gun. In that split second I wasn't my proudest moment.

He fired as I stood there and ended up hitting my leg as I tried to move out of the way. I moved slower after I was hit and without thinking I rapidly fired my gun. at that point.....I guess it was over. At the time I didn't know that and I hid behind a car trying to bandage my wound quickly before anything came around to finish the job. As I wrapped a torn peice of fabric around my leg, I quickly realized it was quiet. The fear inside me grew as I atempted to look over the car carfully and what I saw shook me. where the mutant once was sat a fresh pile of green ooze. Back in base, our standard rifles never did anything remotely this complicated. Ours just burnt the victum like an acid....this turned them into acid.

I didn't have time to think much on the subject as another mutant came down from a risen platform and started firing. This time the thought of pity never overcame me....I ended it. A few flashes from my rifle and it was all over, but strangely never turned this mutant to ooze. My blasts have a much larger area then a bullet and it seems the mutant cannot dodge them easily. I will file this information away for later.

The rest of them were easily taken out. Their minds seem to have not developed as their bodies have and it was easy enough to take them out from a distance. One even tried to rush me with a spiked staff! I am starting to wonder how so many even managed to emerge and take over the DC ruins......

I hear from reports that they take their victims alive and.....and turn them into one of them, but it seems so unfathomable that people are even stupid enough to be captured. One would have to be weaponless or tied up to be taken, for most with a decent aim and weapon would have no problem killing them.

There must be more to this then I can see...

One notable location from my travels today is an old pre-war boat rental area. The office build of the rental place shared nothing of notable worth (other then a lot of alcoholic beverages), but it did serve as a nice resting spot. It was almost humorous to see witty pre-war attractions to bring in the masses. Through all our great technology and intellect...I swear one day I shall make a parrot talk....
The final part of my day was talking with a young trader named Lakisha. She was half a scaver and half a trader which makes for a notably impressive job. She finds everything she sells so to get the most profit. A dangerous profession, but I could almost see myself doing that. Almost.

We talked about local events and other pointless conversations to keep our social needs happy. I guess we both just wanted someone to talk to....even if for a while. So we chatted for most the day and she showed me some wastelander tricks (I.E. unjamming weapons easily) and in return I gave her a few stimpacks and ammo. She asked if I wanted to stay the night, but I told her I must get back to Rivet.
I guess tomorrow I shall find Pinkerton...or whats left of him....but today was nice to just get out and explore the wasteland. I feel better by clearing the wasteland of evils that I helped create and in return met a decent person out there. The Capitol Wasteland is full of surprises.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Can't find the droid I am looking for..

Holotape: 234

Time: 19:33

Date: September 27, 2279


I must say that having an air craft for my personal use is a lot better then wandering around the wasteland of foot. I can say that I am making a large change in my daily routine and how I go about my business. It reminds me of my days with Lucky's Caravan. I might look into starting my own trading business only without partnership with slavers and using a vertibird to get out of harms way in the rugged Capitol Wasteland.

People treat you diffrent when you have an advanced peice of equipment and go as you please without worry or harm. I don't know if it is jealousy or the fact i am operating a Enclave vehicle. Why do so many hate the Enclave so much? They seem to change their tone when I say I just found it and scaved it. I will never understand people....

I don't know why I did it, but the first person I went to about my android problem was Moria. I guess it was all the time we spent together on experiments and robotics. Either way it was a smart move on my part it seems. She had an old holotape, much like this one, that told of a man looking for full re-constructional surgery. I figured it must be my missing android. Moria said that is was said to be a joke passed around the wasteland. was more like, "Oh but that's just an old myth. Nobody knows how to do that anymore sweety. Hehe, it would be like a molerat learning how to operate a quazimolarity disconstructor!" But you know how she is...

Either way I figure the next logical step was to go back to Rivet City the next day and ask around the local intelects if they know anything. I guess the biggest city in the Capitol Wasteland would know more then anybody on the matter. I really hoped to get an answer so my journy wasn't that far out of the way. I may have a Vertibird, but that doesn't mean I am any safer in my travels. I just don't have to walk everywhere.

I asked around Rivet City for the next day and had some interesting conversations with the locals. I am starting to connect to these people. I stretched out to learn more then some missing android. The one thing I must say that made me jump was a child. Not that fact she WAS a child, but the fact that she was so polite. Every child I had run into around the wasteland was either a slave, a beast, or a brat. I must commend the parents on their success at raising a proud example of American genes.
My conversations finally led me to a man named Bannon. I can say without a hint of grief that this man is a complete ass. He holds a council seat that I hear Seagraves it trying to take from him, but so far that was jsut word of mouth rumors. If it is true though, I may just help Seagraves out.

Bannon blathered on about his problems and talked down to me the whole time, but I did find a small tidbit of information. Apparently a old founder of Rivet City, named Pinkerton, used to be quite the genius at Facial Reconstruction. I don't know if this man is still alive, but I guess the android might try his chances anyway. Help since I heard from overhearing the kids talk that people say his ghost lingers in the broken bow. I might just have to explore there after the guards clear up the current infestation of Mirlurks....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rivet City

Holotape: 23

Time: 19:46

Date: September 25, 2279


These past few days have been a long way past the term "interesting" and have completely changed my objectives. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever find at least the location of Raven Rock. It is odd such a large facility would be so carefully if we didn't even want our staff to know where it is located. Could explain a lot and the reason why I don't even know. Maybe for this exact reason if someone like me got stranded...they wouldn't want us blabbing about its location to the Brotherhood or some other evil.

Either way I still find it odd that the only evidence I have found of their existence is an abandoned outpost with a crazed trooper hiding inside. It is as if the entire Enclave has been erased from existence. With all the stories of wars against the brotherhood and their giant robot to the stories of the beasts we helped create in DC....I expected a lot more enclave Troopers around the wastes.....

Today made me realize that I have to stop focusing on getting back to base and becoming further focused on my needs and what I want to do in this world. I guess I am meant to wander until I find my true calling...funny...I always thought it was science. Bah.

The automated vertibird controls worked like a charm and I had no problem with it further. The in-board map labeled Rivet City showed it south-east of my current position and far into the city on the shores. Makes sense since it is supposed to be a docked carrier. Funny though that on the same map a large "X" is present in some mountains a long way north-west from here. I'll have to look into that later.

The flight was long and frivolous. Nothing really happened and I sat back and read a book titled "Ender's Game". It was stashed away in one of the storage boxes and its condition was quite destroyed. Enough was left to properly read the book, but I feel some parts were missing. Either way it was an outstanding piece of fiction titling the horrors of humanity and how war like we can be. Funny saying this as I look around a barren wasteland as a personification of that exact point.

It makes me rethink my entire life and the way I handle situations. I guess people are really that malleable with the right words at the right time can change history drastically. I wonder if someone like Locke and Demosthenes was around the entire Great War could have been avoided. Is this what actually happened? Did the world plunge into conflict after a great battle with an outside source, but instead of someone rising up to unite us....the world just plunged further into conflict and death? That's silly of course, there is no such thing as Buggers or even aliens!

Rivet City was indeed exactly as it was described: A giant, docked carrier ship filled with people and old equipment. I was in awe of how they constructed a rotating bridge from a old piece of walkway and a crane. The crane would be moved by and operator to swing the walkway into its position to allow travelers into the city and their enemies out.

I was greeted by what appears to be the Chief of Police around here, but never did catch her name. She just yelled a lot, while I argued against her claims. It mostly boiled down to her not trusting me and me trying to explain why I was here. It ended with her grounding my Vertibird for the time being and me to prove that I am not a threat.

The inside was filled with clutter and rust, but that was easily suspected to be after such a long time. I walked through corridor after another until I came to a flight of stairs with directional signs labeled clearly for me to find my way to the Science Lab. "I am finally here" was my thoughts until I actually got into the science lab.

It was a cleaner place then the rest, but that's not saying much. Pipes weaved in and out of the area like a dense spiderweb of hot pressure. Tables organized around a central water processor layed out most the room where random assortments of equipment and junk filled the empty gaps. Women in lab coats hustled around trying to do many things at once....I wasn't even noticed until sometime.

At this exact point was when my hopes of finding and joining and intelligent community of scientists died. It was a long period of time that me and the head scientist, Dr.Lei, spent chatting about the current ongoing events around town and the wasteland.

The conversation had a two points worth noting right now that made the most impact on me. the first was that the Enclave is hated around here. Just saying I was one of them made the doctor almost seem to hit me. She told me she wouldn't tell anyone, since I was a nice guy apparently, but never to tell anyone else of my alliance. I don't get it...the Enclave is there for its people. Right? Why hate those trying to rebuild this great nation? The one thing that disturbed me was when she said, "I didn't even know the Enclave was still around." Did we go into hiding while I was gone? Has something happened? Either way I didn't push it...

The other fact was that the scientists were not doing great experiments and research like I thought. They were simply trying to grow fruits and vegetables without the radiation. A noble cause, but that won't help us fight the super mutants or other threats plaguing this land. We need to focus on shaping this land to be safe enough for children to wander around and then focus on recolonization!

Either way it seemed like something I just couldn't focus on right now and told the good doctor I would be around if they needed help, but that was just out of courtesy. A man named Zimmer came up to me after our conversation about a missing Android. He talked down to me like I was some sort of savage, but his proposition intrigued me. He had a missing android and needed someone like me to find it. Imagine! A working android to study and save for the massive amount of pre-war tech that things holds inside of it! Zimmer promised Commonweath technology and caps. I just wanted to find such a amazing example of pre-war tech. I told him I would look into it.

I headed next to the marketplace to trade and chat with the locals. Some seemed to be happy with a traveler, but others seemed to try and ignore me. Funny how the shop-keepers welcomed me with a smile, but the others seemed to resent me. I wonder how many travelers actually come through here? I guess it would be many, but from the way they look at me it might be much less then I first thought.
I stopped at a local restaurant of sorts and got some old pre-war food called "Jack Link's Beef Jerky". It was a lot better then most the stuff I have eaten lately, but seemed a bit stale. I guess you can count on that with pre-war food. It was still delicious and I wanted more, but seemed that was that. The owner mentioned his world famous Murlirk cakes....I turned him down for now.

The rest of the day was spent learning all I could about Rivet City and its citizens. I talked to a girl named Angela who is in love with a priest. I learned from A woman named Vera Weatherly that a man named Paul is addicted to chems. Quite handy when his wife owns the local drug emporium. Flak and Shrapnel own the local gun store and seem to be better then friends. A suicidal old man, a ex-slave, a slaver, a church, a historical items collector, a city council....the list goes on.

I got a few snacks and rented out a room in the Weatherly hotel to sit around and just think. Today has given me a lot of fuel for that and I simply ponder what I should do next as I sit here talking into this mic. *sigh* I guess I'll sleep on it for now. This is Devs, signing off, the most pondered man in the world.

"Still waiting on that check to clear Ritz....."

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Note Time Children!

Holonote: 1

Time: 9:48

Date: September 9, 2279


I have figured out how to use the not function in my PDA to write some entries that don't require me to talk into the mic outlet. To be honest I am tired of blabbing on about things while taking up space on my memory core. I don't know why I do it anymore, but feel a sence of duty to continue incase of the worst possible senario. Either way, these small entries will be inserted in-between my normal multimedia entries to give small updates or bits of information.

The reason I type this in is because in the small ammount of time I have been gone....Megaton has changed. It is larger with more buildings crowding around the small looking bomb and to be honest...i like the changes. Right now it seems to be still in development and the local residents are having a hard time getting around, but the town is becoming more of a city at this point. I wonder if Rivet City will be this grand? I guess I'll find out tomorrow.....

((Authors note: I felt these notes could serve as a way for me to post mods I enjoy or other Fallout 3 related content without needing to post them in-story and such. As many can tell you, I am always trying to connect and inform the community. In some ways I miss my old in-game radio-station ideas, but that is another story for another post.))

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

((Authors note: My dear readers, do me a favor and disregard what I said about the Friendly Neighbors mod in the last post. The author has stated that he will most likely take it down due to controversy. After certain events I have decided to stop the quest-line involved in that mod, as you will read. Otherwise everything is business as usual.))


Holotape: 22

Time: 18:11

Date: September 17, 2279


Today I have made remarkable breakthroughs! Most importantly i have rebuilt broken internal components to the Vertibird stationed here and have successfully conducted a test flight with almost perfect success. Well...I guess I technically almost crashed it into a skyline, but everything else was smooth. I even managed to fix my PDA problems and better ensure hacking into it will never happen again!

In the beginning....well...things were rough. As I have stated many times I am a biochemist and not a mechanic. While I have a broad understanding, I needed a better knowledge before i could even tinker. Luckily for me a couple of manuals were left behind in a mess of scrap metal and conductors. I guess the downside was they were written almost for people who already knew what to do.

So for the first few days I just hunted local wildlife for food and re-read the manuals over and over again. The hardest part was getting used to sleeping with the hum of machinery again without the chatter of troops to expand it. The only consolation was byrd's quite sound of hovering around in a calculated patrol route.

Megaton made me realize there was civilization still left in the world other than the Enclave, but I guess it almost made me accustom to other people always around for conversation or problems. It is an....odd....feeling to be all alone in a large outpost. With Enclave security I know I am secure, but in that there is a sense of emptiness. Loneliness bleeds from the walls.

The hunting is my only escape from the silent walls of the outpost, but even that can be quite dull. A few dogs or these large crab people named "Mirelurks" by the people of Megaton serve as my main course with cans of food i found in a destroyed house as a backup for taste. To be honest the world "destroyed" is quite the opposite of what it should be called. Compared to other places it was actually nice and sturdy.

The only human contact I have gotten is a group of raiders that have tried to take the outpost for their own greedy ways. The automated turrets did their job with a fierce determination and collapsed any hope they had along with most of their heads. The loot was mostly tapped together gear that seemed almost pointless with the armory loot I had....this is odd thinking since a few days ago I would have easily killed for gear like this to sell to Moria.

I feel that now I can finally go back to Megaton now that my Vertibird project has reached its finally stages in development, but fear that I won't stay long enough to get accustom to it again. My sights are for Rivet City and then to Raven Rock. I know the general location of Rivet, but I guess a giant dry-docked ship wouldn't be hard to miss...especially from the air.

The repairs were easy enough with Byrd giving me general diagnosis and days of endless readings and education on the workings of Vertibirds. The shortened version of a long story is that it is now working with enough patch work to make me extremely nervous.

The first test flight was going to be a simple take off and landing, but the landing was what really gave me problems. The thrusters lifted quite well, but the frequency and intensity wasn't working as planned and landing was almost me just falling from the air. I tried a side maneuver that threw my Vertibird almost right into the side of a skyline! Luckily i managed to maneuver it back and close enough to land. I guess now i just have to patch the intensity nozzle....

I guess I will sign off for now as I am extremely exhausted and need some rest. It has been a long week without rest. Hopefully soon I shall be in the greatest wasteland city finding the location back to base and my lost brothers. For now this is Devs, the most determined man in the world.