Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

((Authors note: My dear readers, do me a favor and disregard what I said about the Friendly Neighbors mod in the last post. The author has stated that he will most likely take it down due to controversy. After certain events I have decided to stop the quest-line involved in that mod, as you will read. Otherwise everything is business as usual.))


Holotape: 22

Time: 18:11

Date: September 17, 2279


Today I have made remarkable breakthroughs! Most importantly i have rebuilt broken internal components to the Vertibird stationed here and have successfully conducted a test flight with almost perfect success. Well...I guess I technically almost crashed it into a skyline, but everything else was smooth. I even managed to fix my PDA problems and better ensure hacking into it will never happen again!

In the beginning....well...things were rough. As I have stated many times I am a biochemist and not a mechanic. While I have a broad understanding, I needed a better knowledge before i could even tinker. Luckily for me a couple of manuals were left behind in a mess of scrap metal and conductors. I guess the downside was they were written almost for people who already knew what to do.

So for the first few days I just hunted local wildlife for food and re-read the manuals over and over again. The hardest part was getting used to sleeping with the hum of machinery again without the chatter of troops to expand it. The only consolation was byrd's quite sound of hovering around in a calculated patrol route.

Megaton made me realize there was civilization still left in the world other than the Enclave, but I guess it almost made me accustom to other people always around for conversation or problems. It is an....odd....feeling to be all alone in a large outpost. With Enclave security I know I am secure, but in that there is a sense of emptiness. Loneliness bleeds from the walls.

The hunting is my only escape from the silent walls of the outpost, but even that can be quite dull. A few dogs or these large crab people named "Mirelurks" by the people of Megaton serve as my main course with cans of food i found in a destroyed house as a backup for taste. To be honest the world "destroyed" is quite the opposite of what it should be called. Compared to other places it was actually nice and sturdy.

The only human contact I have gotten is a group of raiders that have tried to take the outpost for their own greedy ways. The automated turrets did their job with a fierce determination and collapsed any hope they had along with most of their heads. The loot was mostly tapped together gear that seemed almost pointless with the armory loot I had....this is odd thinking since a few days ago I would have easily killed for gear like this to sell to Moria.

I feel that now I can finally go back to Megaton now that my Vertibird project has reached its finally stages in development, but fear that I won't stay long enough to get accustom to it again. My sights are for Rivet City and then to Raven Rock. I know the general location of Rivet, but I guess a giant dry-docked ship wouldn't be hard to miss...especially from the air.

The repairs were easy enough with Byrd giving me general diagnosis and days of endless readings and education on the workings of Vertibirds. The shortened version of a long story is that it is now working with enough patch work to make me extremely nervous.

The first test flight was going to be a simple take off and landing, but the landing was what really gave me problems. The thrusters lifted quite well, but the frequency and intensity wasn't working as planned and landing was almost me just falling from the air. I tried a side maneuver that threw my Vertibird almost right into the side of a skyline! Luckily i managed to maneuver it back and close enough to land. I guess now i just have to patch the intensity nozzle....

I guess I will sign off for now as I am extremely exhausted and need some rest. It has been a long week without rest. Hopefully soon I shall be in the greatest wasteland city finding the location back to base and my lost brothers. For now this is Devs, the most determined man in the world.


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