Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Super Hunting

Holotape: 25

Time: 12:43

Date: September 28, 2279


Today I spent the whole day killing super mutants and conversing with traders. I woke up this morning in a foul mood that was biting at my subconscious. I tried to shake it as I had a quick breakfast in the Marketplace, but it get nagging at me. I quickly decided that my search for Pinkerton could wait and I needed to get some action to burn off my anger. I grabbed my plasma rifle from the room I have been renting and set out to the outside world of post apocolyptia.

I headed past the swing bridge and down a long flight of stairs to the ground floor to be greeted by a caravan guard waiting for her trader. She reminded me of Lucy and I quickly hurried off without so much as a hello. The path I choose was blocked and I didn't feel like going into the subways, so I backtracked into the opposite direction and headed for the Jefferson Monument.

Honestly I had no clue why I felt the way i did....but I guess it didn't really matter anyway. I came up to the memorial quickly and soon changed that plan when I saw the barricades and human remains scattered around from the recent super mutant activity. I crouched down and put on foot in front of the other carefully as I moved to the monument. My feet trembled soon after putting so much weight on my legs and I ended up falling down slightly into a sitting position. My quick movement apparently alerted the closest mutant as he screamed and took out his taped together PPSH.

I had barley enough time to roll out of the way of his first shot, the bullet graving the side of my arm as it flew by. I already had my plasma rifle ready and aimed up as Lucy once taught me. As I aimed into my sights....I could see that the mutant knew his fate. For a split second he seemed have fear in his eyes and tried with all his might to reload his gun. In that split second I wasn't my proudest moment.

He fired as I stood there and ended up hitting my leg as I tried to move out of the way. I moved slower after I was hit and without thinking I rapidly fired my gun. at that point.....I guess it was over. At the time I didn't know that and I hid behind a car trying to bandage my wound quickly before anything came around to finish the job. As I wrapped a torn peice of fabric around my leg, I quickly realized it was quiet. The fear inside me grew as I atempted to look over the car carfully and what I saw shook me. where the mutant once was sat a fresh pile of green ooze. Back in base, our standard rifles never did anything remotely this complicated. Ours just burnt the victum like an acid....this turned them into acid.

I didn't have time to think much on the subject as another mutant came down from a risen platform and started firing. This time the thought of pity never overcame me....I ended it. A few flashes from my rifle and it was all over, but strangely never turned this mutant to ooze. My blasts have a much larger area then a bullet and it seems the mutant cannot dodge them easily. I will file this information away for later.

The rest of them were easily taken out. Their minds seem to have not developed as their bodies have and it was easy enough to take them out from a distance. One even tried to rush me with a spiked staff! I am starting to wonder how so many even managed to emerge and take over the DC ruins......

I hear from reports that they take their victims alive and.....and turn them into one of them, but it seems so unfathomable that people are even stupid enough to be captured. One would have to be weaponless or tied up to be taken, for most with a decent aim and weapon would have no problem killing them.

There must be more to this then I can see...

One notable location from my travels today is an old pre-war boat rental area. The office build of the rental place shared nothing of notable worth (other then a lot of alcoholic beverages), but it did serve as a nice resting spot. It was almost humorous to see witty pre-war attractions to bring in the masses. Through all our great technology and intellect...I swear one day I shall make a parrot talk....
The final part of my day was talking with a young trader named Lakisha. She was half a scaver and half a trader which makes for a notably impressive job. She finds everything she sells so to get the most profit. A dangerous profession, but I could almost see myself doing that. Almost.

We talked about local events and other pointless conversations to keep our social needs happy. I guess we both just wanted someone to talk to....even if for a while. So we chatted for most the day and she showed me some wastelander tricks (I.E. unjamming weapons easily) and in return I gave her a few stimpacks and ammo. She asked if I wanted to stay the night, but I told her I must get back to Rivet.
I guess tomorrow I shall find Pinkerton...or whats left of him....but today was nice to just get out and explore the wasteland. I feel better by clearing the wasteland of evils that I helped create and in return met a decent person out there. The Capitol Wasteland is full of surprises.


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