Thursday, September 3, 2009

School Eviction


Holotape: 20

Time: 19:20

Date: September 8, 2279


I am alpha and omega....the beginning and the end. I will give him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

The raiders that had previously occupied the Springvale School over stayed their welcome and right to claim the water of life. They paid for their misuse of the gift of life with their own blood. As Raven Squad used to say, "fight fire with fire".

I am starting to think I was destined to get stranded in the wasteland the way I did. I guess doing lab work was important, but I feel the compulsion to help these people and these raiders were just the start. With my scientific knowledge and quick wit.....well...I guess my abilities are better helping the less fortunate then some giant government safely secure in fortified bases.

The inside hadn't changed much since I was last there, but I doubt the raiders cared for interior design. While it was no surprise that the bodies were was an oddity that no defenses were created. In fact, I didn't see a raider till I got into the back area of the school. Though now thinking about makes complete sense for what they were trying.

I carefully moved my way through the base levels of the school with nothing but torn cadavers and haunting imagery from a past innocence that will linger in my mind for a long time. Bastards.
I almost cried in scientific anguish when I found the library to be almost completely destroyed. books burned or torn up without was....horrific to say. Think of all we could have learned from the past with those! Hundreds of years of history gone up in a blaze due to some sodomy loving theifs!
I wonder if there is a library out there that holds un-touched books? There must be! I wonder if the Enclave is including that in our reconstruction plans.....

It wasn't long enough until some raiders spotted me rooting around the over turned book shelves and opened fire. Luckily they are clumsy and loud so I could detect them before they ripped me into tiny parts like their previous captives. I was able to take them down without much effort with my ppsh, but one of their bullets ripped through my shoulder.
While I am completely healed now (thanks to the doc), the pain in my arm limited my efforts quickly to a one-handed operation. I took my silenced .32 with me and quickly put it to good work while taking down a few raiders without much noise. I can get used to this silent combat. Reminds me of....whats the name again? Ninjuas? Silent warriors from a age long forgotten....
Anyway, I quickly removed the rest of the raiders with the element of surprise and evasion on my side. I got to the heart of their operations and found a few supplies I later sold to Moria. Been going there less and less since that Courtney came along....
I found a computer and quickly put some hacking skills...which I only used for pranks in my youth until now...and what I found was disturbing. Apparently these raiders were trying to access a local vault by digging underneath it. Imagine the stupidity these people once emitted! Vault-tec vaults were designed for any possible outcome and fortified on all sides in case of nuclear contamination of the soil or other local sources.

Apparently, what they found instead was the hive of the giant ants Megaton has recently been having a problem with. No wonder the raiders' numbers were so small! They doomed themselves with false ambitions. Ha!
Either way I made out with little-to-nothing for my dangerous trip...but...I guess I can sleep easier at night knowing I solved one more problem for this city. I feel almost at home here, but a dream of base last night put me in a right state of mind. I need to leave soon and find Rivet City. Someone there must know where Raven Rock is or someone that does. The Enclave isn't just hiding from the it?
This is Devs, the most daring man in the world. Hehe, I like that. Makes for a good nickname. Dan "Daring" Vakolari. Maybe they will tell stories about me? Eh, one can dream I guess. Signing off.


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