Thursday, September 10, 2009

Note Time Children!

Holonote: 1

Time: 9:48

Date: September 9, 2279


I have figured out how to use the not function in my PDA to write some entries that don't require me to talk into the mic outlet. To be honest I am tired of blabbing on about things while taking up space on my memory core. I don't know why I do it anymore, but feel a sence of duty to continue incase of the worst possible senario. Either way, these small entries will be inserted in-between my normal multimedia entries to give small updates or bits of information.

The reason I type this in is because in the small ammount of time I have been gone....Megaton has changed. It is larger with more buildings crowding around the small looking bomb and to be honest...i like the changes. Right now it seems to be still in development and the local residents are having a hard time getting around, but the town is becoming more of a city at this point. I wonder if Rivet City will be this grand? I guess I'll find out tomorrow.....

((Authors note: I felt these notes could serve as a way for me to post mods I enjoy or other Fallout 3 related content without needing to post them in-story and such. As many can tell you, I am always trying to connect and inform the community. In some ways I miss my old in-game radio-station ideas, but that is another story for another post.))


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