Monday, September 14, 2009

Can't find the droid I am looking for..

Holotape: 234

Time: 19:33

Date: September 27, 2279


I must say that having an air craft for my personal use is a lot better then wandering around the wasteland of foot. I can say that I am making a large change in my daily routine and how I go about my business. It reminds me of my days with Lucky's Caravan. I might look into starting my own trading business only without partnership with slavers and using a vertibird to get out of harms way in the rugged Capitol Wasteland.

People treat you diffrent when you have an advanced peice of equipment and go as you please without worry or harm. I don't know if it is jealousy or the fact i am operating a Enclave vehicle. Why do so many hate the Enclave so much? They seem to change their tone when I say I just found it and scaved it. I will never understand people....

I don't know why I did it, but the first person I went to about my android problem was Moria. I guess it was all the time we spent together on experiments and robotics. Either way it was a smart move on my part it seems. She had an old holotape, much like this one, that told of a man looking for full re-constructional surgery. I figured it must be my missing android. Moria said that is was said to be a joke passed around the wasteland. was more like, "Oh but that's just an old myth. Nobody knows how to do that anymore sweety. Hehe, it would be like a molerat learning how to operate a quazimolarity disconstructor!" But you know how she is...

Either way I figure the next logical step was to go back to Rivet City the next day and ask around the local intelects if they know anything. I guess the biggest city in the Capitol Wasteland would know more then anybody on the matter. I really hoped to get an answer so my journy wasn't that far out of the way. I may have a Vertibird, but that doesn't mean I am any safer in my travels. I just don't have to walk everywhere.

I asked around Rivet City for the next day and had some interesting conversations with the locals. I am starting to connect to these people. I stretched out to learn more then some missing android. The one thing I must say that made me jump was a child. Not that fact she WAS a child, but the fact that she was so polite. Every child I had run into around the wasteland was either a slave, a beast, or a brat. I must commend the parents on their success at raising a proud example of American genes.
My conversations finally led me to a man named Bannon. I can say without a hint of grief that this man is a complete ass. He holds a council seat that I hear Seagraves it trying to take from him, but so far that was jsut word of mouth rumors. If it is true though, I may just help Seagraves out.

Bannon blathered on about his problems and talked down to me the whole time, but I did find a small tidbit of information. Apparently a old founder of Rivet City, named Pinkerton, used to be quite the genius at Facial Reconstruction. I don't know if this man is still alive, but I guess the android might try his chances anyway. Help since I heard from overhearing the kids talk that people say his ghost lingers in the broken bow. I might just have to explore there after the guards clear up the current infestation of Mirlurks....


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