Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Death of Andy Stahl

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Holotape: 12

Time: 19:45

Date: August 27, 2279


A lot happened today and I am still trying to recover from what I found out was Jet. I guess I should apologize for my last entry....I was under the influence of what I found out was a mixture composed mostly of brahmin manure. I can say I will never partake in such a vile substance again....even though those first few minutes were sooo fantastic I will not do it again.

I exited my house to find the Confessor outside with a few citizens gathered around the bomb. I don't know if I was trying to repent, but I decided to stay around and listen to his message.

He spoke about how each atomic mass holds tiny universe inside of it and that when an atomic explosion accrues, many universes are created. They worship the bomb for its "life bearing" properties and hail the Great War as a second coming of sorts. I tried very hard to explain to the Confessor the logistics and science behind his claims and why the result is not of what he preaches, but he wouldn't listen. Ignorance is bliss as they say.

I continued my day with a hardy bowl of noodles and some med-x to relive some of my pains. I think I may have rolled off my bed at night or ran into something when I was....under the influence.

That's when I heard a scream (more of a screech) behind me. I turned around to find a large group surrounding something on the groud. As I got closer, I realized it was Andy. He is the brother of Jenny and Leo, all owners and proprietors of the Brass Lantern. Jenny swears up and down it wasn't suicide.....I'm not so sure. The doc is currently working on a rough autopsy so until then we won't know for sure. I helped move the body to the doc's office as Leo consulted Jenny....must be hard...

On another dark note, slavers have stopped by Megaton. I questioned the Sheriff about it, but he said they are welcome to stay as long as they don't cause trouble and have the caps. I wanted to blast them all away right there....but...I am a more civilized man and I shall stow my weapon until the time is right.

"Never seen Slavers in Megaton before."

Later that day, I visited the outskirts. It's a small camp right outside Megaton housing refugees and the poor. I felt bad that these folk work hard and try to scrap by, while I just walked in and did a quick favor for a safe haven.
I talked with a few of the locals and learned more about the surrounding area of Megaton. Apparently there is a vault right up the road. Imagine the scientific endeavours! I remember when the Enclave tried to make contact with a vault, only to be sent away. We were sent away from the very vaults we helped fund! Ugh....thinking about my former friends and co-workers seems like it was another life. And in a was.....


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