Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Sins of Our Fathers

Building cache.......


Playback enabled......



Holotape Entry: 6

Time: 22:03

Date: August 23, 2279

Begin Playback:


Today I have met the sins of our fathers and the child of our horrid continuation of a force we could never control.....evolution. While not a major component in the grand clockwork of their creation, I was still a gear that could be attributed to the involvement of helping the overall machine function. At the time, I was just a lab assistant given the task to help my team in anyway possible. Some....some called me the "favorite" of our lead scientists, due to my inquisitive nature and I guess what could be called a get-it-done attitude. I guess, that's why I got my position to lead my....current.....project.

The day could be said to have started out as "any other day". We got up at dawn, after a few hours of sleep, and took off after getting our gear together. Now when I say we got up...it was more they got up and I was scared from my slumber. I awoke to the noise of something walking over to me, but as I opened my eyes a wild dog was staring right at me. Now what i didn't know was that the deformed devil was really the severed head of a canine that Lucy had hunted earlier in the morning. Unlucky for me, I slept next to a steep ditch and as I tried to...get away from the lifeless figure.....i sort of fell down into the ditch. I looked up to see Lucy and realized the trickery she inflicted. She remarked, "You're cute when you scream." Of course, that's a great way to attract the interested of the opposite sex.

Through the next few hours it was nothing but road. I tried to scav in some nearby buildings, but all i found was a book titled "Duck and Cover!" I read part of it just to pass the time and found that you should stay away from live grenades at least 5 arm lengths way. Something i will remember the next time I encounter any such life explosives. I feel a little bit better about mines now, but further questioned Lucky about it. I had almost forgotten that he was an expert in such fields.

Dioje cut our conversation short as a shot ran out that almost ended me recently-changed life. A rather large and rather aggressive being ran at Lucky with a board covered in nails. It had the distinct features of humans, but at a height of about 7'8" and that's just a guess. The beast was a odd shade of yellow and looked to be extremely muscular, but in its speech seemed to be lacking in brains.

"You die now puny human!" it roared. That was the only volume at which it spoke.

Looking back, it is quite ironic to have such beasts roaming the wastes that are all brawn and no brain. I guess you can't have both? Either way, we were in trouble by another wielding a bolt-action rifle. Lucky managed to avoid its bullets by hiding behind the former, dodging the nail-board by inches. Dioje aided in the attack and in retrospect he was extremely lucky not to be hit....I'm a scientist not a veterinarian. That's not saying veterinarians can't be scientists or vis-versa....it's just....anyway.....

I quickly realized it was only a matter of time before the assailant hits one of us with a searing piece of lead, so I made a plan quickly and obviously effectively. As he continued to focus on Lucky, I managed to serpentine my way towards him. I stayed on the right side, sticking to a cliff-side, and using the local foliage as cover. It was only a matter of time before I got close enough to smell him and likewise he to spot me. We both locked eyes as we ripped our weapons through the air in what could be called a duel. Lucky for me, my shotgun had a spread effect that I managed to use so that I didn't have to aim, but get close enough to the general area of the roaring monstrosity of what was once a man. A pellet struck his arm, efficiently crippling it as he dropped his weapon.

Unfortunately, it must have a large tolerance for pain because it charged right for me in less time than it takes to disprove string theory. It swiftly grabbed me around the next and started to insult me. As the feeling of death came into prospective and his grip tightened...a red mist replaced his once-intact head. I quickly fell on top of the fallen corpse and what could only be described as the most appalling encounter with one. I was helped to my feet by Lucy who later explained that she was the one who took the shot. Apparently they took care of the other in time to find my "skinny ass" being held against my will.

"You're lucky that my aim matches my looks, hun." Was all she had to say on the subject. I agreed by simply nodding.

As Lucky gathered the Super Mutant's ex-possessions, I studied the beasts. It didn't take me long to realized what we had encountered were 'Super Mutants'....the outcome the Enclave's greatest mistake. According to Lucky, super mutants are a common sight in the wastes. Our fail safe plan and vault securities must have either succumbed to their might or had as much success as the project itself. I.....cannot begin to describe the horror of facing ones demon in such an encounter.....I won't say more on the subject....

While contemplating the demons, Lucy came over to me with a gift. It was the same hunting rifle used to try and end us with a few cartridges filled with rounds. I thanked her and got a reply in the form of a wink, I still have yet to understand what that meant exactly.

After a few minutes back on the road, we spotted a giant statue of a man holding what appeared to be a torch. Its other arm was gone due to what I am guessing was erosion or an explosion. I was excited to finally see another town, but was mortified when I learned that it was Paradise Falls. The city of slavers; a place of scum and villainy. I frantically asked Lucky why we would deal with such poor excuses for human beings.

"I am a man of neutrality and a proprietor of wares to all that can afford it. Neither side I take and all of them I supply. It is the way of traders to not judge." Lucky explained to me in a rather longer speech.

I was horrified to meet the greatest threat to the first wastelanders I met after the ambush. I was relieved to find we would just set up shop outside and not wander in such a place. Apparently, non-slavers are not allowed it, but they still rely on traders. I just stayed out of sight and mind.

I guess Lucy sensed the dis-taste in my eyes because she offered to take me hunting. I was almost excited to not only get away, but learn about survival from an expert. She taught me how to steady my aim and how to adjust my sights by having me shoot a stop sign with my new weapon. I fired off two rounds of ammo and with each "ping" of a successful shot I grew more and more confident.

My confidence quickly died as Lucy took out her gun and pointed it right at me. As would most, I figured she was going to betray me. I started to stammer and reason with her, but a shot quickly ended my thought process. No I had not died....but a wild dog behind me had.

"I could never hurt something that wouldn't put up a fight," she giggled as she messed up my hair and walked away. She motioned for me to follow her and soon we had made it back to the city. Dinner was a combination of pre-war meat and wild meat. It all tastes the same to me....I was never blessed with acute tastes. Well, Lucky is waving at me so this is Devs, the worst scientist in the world.


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