Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rock-it Testing


Holotape: 14

Time: 19:45

Date: August 31, 2279


Today I have overcome my fears and properly tested my Rock-it Launcher Mark-2. I try to stay modest, but today's success has taken me back to my years on the base and made me realize why I became a scientist in the first brilliance! Hehe, ok that was a bit far, but in all honesty I am surprised how well this thing worked.

I spent most of the morning trying to figure out the kinks and came to the conclusion that the 153 a/h 2131b cylinder was the root cause of such a failure the other day. I had to make a new one using some spare parts from a steel-cutter called an "autoaxe". I also improved on the battery and electrical output to give me even more power to the main component. Though there was a fair share of....problems that surfaced with the new electrical system.

After working through all the bugs in my system, and giving it a thorough testing at the gun range, I decided I needed a real-life scenario to properly test my weapon before selling it to other wastelanders. I heard wind of recent raider attacks and how they were holding out somewhere around town, so i decided it was best to help my town while testing the Rock-it. I.....I was a bit nervous going out on my own to hunt's odd how that idea doesn't seem crazy anymore....I am a true wastelander now.

The journey wasn't long, but frequent stops to loot the local houses gave it a longer feel. Most the good stuff was already taken, but a few odds and ends kept me from taking it in as a total loss. Before I knew it, i had found the raider hideout. It wasn't hard to deduce the where-abouts of a bunch of vicious killers in a town the size it is....but at the same time I was extremely cautions in case something worse was inside.

A sad sight to see a place of torn asunder by such evil. Bands of people not fit to be called human nor animal, but psychopaths and killers all bent on pillaging and raping for their pleasure. I almost felt my mission to be....holy...and not one of science. I was...dare I say it? Hellbent on their destruction through the force of my own invention. This sight welcomed me and my purpose of removal.

I snuck carefully into the farthest room to the right to find a room filled with kitchen utensils and food. I pocketed what I could and continued on down the hallway. I quickly heard the noise of approaching footsteps and bent low to wait for the unsuspecting raider to round the corner. Slowly he appeared, unaware of my position, and I decided it was "hero" time.

I held up my gun to aim and pulled the trigger right as he stopped to look around and what happened......

My camera went off a couple of times and i saved these two to show the power of the Rock-it Launcher Mark-2! The explosion was gruesome and made me wonder how different I was too I just came into their home and started killing them....I guess it is all for the greater good.

The sound of others coming down to investigate the noise sent me into a panic. I decided my testing was done for now and quickly bolted out of the school...not before collecting another glowing soda on my way out....I wonder what these are for anyway?

Much preparation is to be made before I go back in to rid Megaton of its raider problem, but for now I am happy to see my invention work so spectacularly. It will be hard to gather enough parts to start to make more, but when I do I promise all wastelanders will have their hands on a Rock-it to better protect themselves and their way of life.
For now I am back to helping Moria with more of her "tests". I'm starting to think she likes me....most of these tests involve me doing something harmful to my body and her examining it....I feel weird about it. I guess it is for science and I guess I do owe her one....still....
Maybe I will go check out that grocery store she keeps going on about just to get away for a while....can't be that bad right? For now, this is Devs, the most successful man in the world.


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