Friday, August 28, 2009

Small Vengence


Holotape: 17

Time: 17:32

Date: September 3, 2279


I awoke today with a sore head and fatigued mindset. I don't remember much about yesterday after I went into Moriarty's .... but my last holotape reminded me. Now I have been told that alcohol will bring out another side to you, and apparently it does that exact thing to me. I have never consumed much of the stuff ... so last night was like swimming in the ocean when I only have swam in a small pond before.

A world of mystery and a constant struggle this wasteland is continuing to turn out to be. The harsh realities kicking me in the face when the sheriff took me into his private home. Apparently the slavers were causing a ruckus and refusing to leave .... a perfect time for me to get some well sought after vengeance.

The town's people had a quiet meeting and now they will turn a blind eye if a slaver's head explodes, as shown today. My task was not one of science, but due to me growing personal grief I felt it had to be done. While a quick nod to the sheriff ... I set out to complete my gruesome task.

While the population wasn't going to interfere ... I still had to make a solid plan as to how I was going to take down 5 heavily armed slavers at once. After many calculations and analysis of the surrounding environment ... nothing came as a good solution to my problem. Most of the flaws came from the fact that the town's folk could not hide in-doors, as to not alert the slavers, and so I had to keep my violence to a safe distance and precision.

Suffice to say .... I did it. Without pity or remorse they are now gone. While I feel it would make me sick to think about the details .... the way I achieved such a lofty .... and .... violent goal. It melted down to just sheer brute force. A force I have never applied once in my life-time, but this just seemed appropriate.
I started at the top of the old vertibird-pad and worked my way down. I tried to take the first slaver down quietly...but...I guess a corpse falling from a giant tower was a dead give-away. Before the slavers could react, I was on them like .... well .... as quickly as I could.
Head shot here, broken legs there, and then it was all over. The others just nodded to each other and a couple carried the corpses away. I was .... a hero ... I guess ....
The moral dilemma netted me 100 caps and a .32 revolver with a silenced attachment. It was an amazing weapon to be honest, but the entire event didn't give me the solace I so longed for. I need to find out what happened at Paradise Falls .... but then I need to get to Rivet City .... but I still want to find out where the base is to reclaim my old life ....

The one good thing about today was I out-staged "Courtney". She isn't as bad as the last holo-tape gave away, but the look on Moria's eyes when I dumped a load of slaver gear on her desk for parts made it at least partially worth while. She was like a child at Christmas and I smiled for the first time in a while as I went back home. Taking some parts for myself, I improved my outfit to better suit me for these wastes.

What am I going to do? I have no real place in this world ... everything made sense while the Enclave .... but now ....
This is Devs, signing off, and who may be the most indecisive man in the world.


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