Monday, August 24, 2009

Super-Duper Disaster

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Ending omnipotent function...........




Playback re-enabled...


Holotape: 15

Time: 20:01

Date: September 1, 2279


I guess I have begun to change my outlook on life as I continually become more acquainted with my surroundings and, more importantly, the town of Megaton. A normal routine has finally surfaced, but the term "routine" is used as more of a .... reference. A loose term used to describe a life of scavenging and repairing old equipment ... though I dare say ... it is ..... enjoyable?

I have noticed a change in my personality as well today and you can't blame me for liking the new me. I have become more assertive and extremely less passive in my social and physical conduct. Mostly in the way that I handle myself and my well being.

I had my epiphany today due to a "errand" that Moria had me do. I swear .... every task she sends me on is a suicide mission! But .... yet .... every time she starts giggling and looks at me with those ... innocent eyes .... I just can't think of what she says as dangerous. Demon woman.

I was tasked with searching the ruined grocery store near by and to bring back whatever I could find. It didn't seem to stimulate me inventive mind, but it sounded like just the right task for me to go resupply without paying that damn Moriarty. He is one of the mos .... well .... that's for another holotape I guess. Out of stupidity, I left my Rock-it Launcher Mark-2 at home and instead brought my conventional weapons.

The task started out simple with nothing around to harm me and enough of a sight to give me the most spectacular sight of my life! I have had many holophotos and regular photos of the Washington monuments .... but this .... this was something on a whole different spectrum. I took a picture and I guess it will be the corner-stone of my collection. A true oasis in such a wasteland ... I bet things are better down there ... some form of law and government at such an ... American ... place.

I quickly came back to mind and focus on the task at hand as I got closer to the large building that was my destination. My objective seemed to break down right after the bus exploded .....

Such a heavy release of atomic energy sent me to my feet as the bus became even more decrepit. Thinking of it now ... I guess it is a fitting replication of what happened to our world. After getting to me feet, I quickly grabbed my pipe-rifle and hid behind the closest barrier (which happened to be a dumpster). Waiting for my enemy to come into view was probably a smart idea, but my confidence caught up with me and dragged me around the corner.

What I saw .... what I first saw .... it was like .... I guess a bear? Either way I'm lucky to be such a timid sort at times as I rounded the corner, to only fall back while screaming at what was looking me straight in the eye. I yelled more as I pointed my gun, but luckily the trader waved me out of my decision yelling back that his .... of what was it? Yoai-guy ...... something like that. Anyway, his giant bear was peaceful as long as i didn't try to harm either one of them.

It was a morally conflicting situation because I wanted to trade with him, but at the same time I didn't want to get near that bear. I politely gave a nod and walked around him as he scavenged some raider corpses that I guess were from the earlier skirmish.

The store was called the "Super-Duper Mart" and I felt the name to be fitting. Such a childish name was a perfect trap for a gang of raiders and soon that it only proved my point. The place was crawling with the bastards as they walked around every corner, doing god-knows what. I decided not to cause a scene and crept around some cash-registers to the closest room.

To explain what happened after is like describing how a kid hits a hornets nest with a baseball bat. Sure, it started ok as I found a fridge containing many assorted packages of food and invited me to take everything in a greed fueled by hunger. I guess I should face Jenny again after what happened ... my silent protest of Moriarty and his goons are really taking their toll on my food supply.

Anyway back to what happened. For the first time in my life .... I was truly greedy. I concluded the raiders were protecting more then food and i wanted it. My plan was to sneak around the back and while they weren't looking, simply take it. Well that plan failed miserably as I opened the door to the room i was in and a raider I hadn't seen looked over at me. He screamed, I fired, and the whole building went crazy.

I couldn't accurately describe what happened next. My mind was working in fight-or-flight mode and I was struggling to keep alive. My stitches the doc put in my are still in pain. Anyway, I grabbed the weapon the raider's corpse was grasping and I pulled it around to face my first foe. She was a dirty looking one with a wielder-mask on .... probably to hid her shame. Either way I pulled the trigger of the weapon as she run up to me and I shot back with recoil and so did her head.

I can honestly say I love this weapon. Ammo is hard to find, but it really packs a punch. Nothing like shooting cans from my Rock-it ... but lets not mention that to my future customers when I open my own store. Either way it was a true life saver....until I ran out of bullets.

At that point I had to equip my pipe-rifle and my realization I had never accurately aimed in combat shined like a beacon as I constantly missed. That's how I got shot the first time ... in the leg ... bastard ....

I guess my will to live out did those raiders, as soon the room fell silent. In a way I was lucky, but in the other i had felt like a true wasteland warrior. I had defeated many foes today, by myself, and earned that stash of weapons. I had to find a crate to haul it all, but now my home stash is filled with ammo and weapons.

While in the secure room ... I came upon a surprise. It was a rob-co maintenance robot. We had many back at base to do manual work, but this one seemed to not have been in service for quite a while.

After a few rerouted the log-in commands and created a backdoor, the computer was mine to play with. I started up the robot with a employee Id I had found next to the computer. And wouldn't you know it, the damn thing started up! Another miracle of science!

As luck would have it, more raiders came in. The seemed to have been a hunting party and were quite peeved to find their comrades dead. I was almost on my knees praying as the robot started shooting them. Luck, science, or a miracle ... I took it. I snuck out during the commotion with a few gabs and a crate filled with supplies.

Long story short ... Moria was thrilled. She was so grateful she gave me more food and hugged me. I had never wanted to hurt someone more in my life. He cheerful attitude never breaks and as she questioned all about it, she took it lightly. Of course this is to be expected. She mentioned something about a minefield, but I just gave a weak smile and told her I was going home.

Suffice to say, I got home and stored all my goods away. My night didn't end as I started, and finished, two projects of my own. The first was to secure a better locking mechanism on my door to keep out thieves. That was an easy fix with some scrap metal and some wiring to make a computerized system. The second ... well ... it was simple to improve on my gear with spare parts I had found. I finally feel like a wastelander...

Signing off, this is Devs, the most outfitted man in the world.


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