Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Paradise Falls

Holotape Entry: 7

Time 22:22

Date: August 23, 2279

Begin Playback:


Today I went into hell only to leave with the knowledge of how bad the wastes can effect people and the horrors humanity can unleash. I unwillingly followed Lucky into the cesspool that is Paradise Falls and was almost mutilated, eaten, enslaved, and shot. At this point in the journey I have completely surrendered my well being to Lucy and her caring lookout for my personal safety.

As luck would have it....or should I say MY luck would have it is that when Lucky waved to me, he didn't just want to chat. Apparently a man named Eulogy wanted to see Lucky and he felt it safer if I came along with them instead of staying outside by myself, but we still left the pets outside so that nobody tried to eat them. At the time I found it funny that Lucky thought our pets could protect themselves better than me, but after tonight....I can now understand what he meant and why he took me along.

The entrance was a strategic placement of cars and other rusted barriers. At first glance it seemed to be the jaws of a giant beast opening, beckoning, and begging for people to enter. Skeletons of what must have been people that disobeyed this "Eulogy" and his gang were hanging high up on poles to scare and intimidate people passing through. It was a threshold to a harsher and horrific world....and we were invited right in. In retrospect, I should have just stuck as close to the caravan as possible while staring at the ground, but my inquisitive mind got the better of me.

I find it ironic how the first thing you see when entering into the town is a large sign that informs you to keep your weapons put away, but almost everyone in town had their weapons out and tended to wave them around. I pondered this hypocrisy as I observed a women with red-hair styled in the shape of what seemed to be devil horns, quite fitting for what she does, as she waved an assault rifle around. I quickly stopped after realizing she was gesturing to me and threatening to "cut my legs off". Rather barbaric as she is holding a projectile weapon in her hands while she made her remarks.

As we rounded a corner, I spotted rows of cages dangling from the sky, strapped to old light posts and containing nothing that contained life. I guess it was to warn other slaves not to escape or even slavers to not try and mess with the boss. I am guessing Eulogy to be a rather large and muscular man, shaped similar to a super mutant with the brains to compete.

While Lucy and Lucky started talking, I headed over to my right heading to what seemed a bar. I have never drinking much in my life, nor found a reason to, but if I ever needed a reason....that was the best damn one I could imagine.

I sat down at the bar to witness a man and a much larger man in a heated argument. I...I didn't think much about it and figured people around here argued all the time. I started to space off, as I tend to do, and glance over at a nuka-cola machine in dreams of it working. As I sat there with my mind in thoughts of a cold beverage..a splash of liquid hit my face in what I only assumed a broken drink. I turned my head to see what the had happened to come face-to-face with a headless corpse and the larger man holding a giant sledgehammer out.

I slowly placed a finger on my hand, wiped some of the liquid off, and glanced at it in disbelief. I had come to turns at that point that I was covered in the smaller man's bodily fluid and his corpse was hanging on the bar leaning onto me. The larger and the more living of the two laughed and walked away.

The best way to describe what I did was the phrase "freak out" as I screamed and kicked the lifeless corpse away from me. I frantically tried to remove all the red-tinted fluid from my face and in the processes....backed up into a dirty looking woman. She started yelling more threats and put a gun to my face in what was going to be an attempt at fulfilling those threats. Just in time, Lucy showed up her words, "cold-cocked the bitch."

To explain what happened correctly, I am going to use a simple metaphor. I was a small boy that hit a beehive, but as all the bees started to strike me.....they all just stopped. A loud, blaring, and quite annoying horn blasted the town and just as fast as it came, vanished into the depths of its creator.

His name is Eulogy Jones, he leads the slavers, and he defiantly doesn't take shit from anyone. The silence was followed by everyone looking up and paying full attention to a man dressed in a red night-robe surrounded by some beautiful women, spoils of war I suppose. He stood up to the front of the balcony and put his arms out in a very political way.

"Listen my brothers and sisters! These folks here are our humble guests and I expect you to treat them with more kindness then you have ever shown anyone else. These kind and generous people are under my watch and if anyone even thinks of causing them the slightest discomfort I shall see to it myself you suffer a fate worse then them...." he finished his speech by pointing to the cages in the air.

I was still trying to get our all the blood, which is quite hard to remove from hair I might add, but was dragged away before I could. Lucy had my firmly by the arm as she lead me behind Lucky as we entered Eulogy's private building. Slavers glared at us as we passed the cooking brahmin carcass and it almost made me feel good. We were separated almost immediately as Lucy and I were lead to the "guest quarters" by two heavily armed guards and Lucky followed Eulogy into what apparently was his private study.

The guest quarters is a far cry from the dirty outside areas of Paradise. Ironic now that I say it....the worse place in the wastes called "Paradise." Anyway...Lucy and I are both just laying around as Lucky conducts business as usual. I find it odd that this is going on though as Lucky told me he always just sets up shop outside.

Recently, a woman wearing nothing but her nightgown came in and asked if I needed anything. I was going to politely say no, as this is not a time for refreshments, but Lucy swiftly slapped the girl and threw her out. I think the wasteland has its own language I'm just too foreign to understand.

I managed to find a bath in a connecting room and finally take a wash. The water was dirty and felt slightly hot, but I forgot all about that in the satisfying sensation of cleanliness. It is next to godliness after all, and the wasteland severely destroyed my image. I guess that is it for now, we shall see what Lucky does for Eulogy soon, but for now I'm just enjoying a decent bed and wash.

Signing off for now, this is Devs, the cleanest man in the world.


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