Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sugar Bombs and Megatons



Holotape: 10

Time: 4:28

Date: August 26, 2279


I took this picture outside Cornucopia and uploaded it to this holotape for the reason of preservation. This bi-wheel, atomic motor, vehicle is in prime condition and if I had more knowledge I could get it going. It is a sad sight to see such perfect examples of pre-war tech just sit and rust. I guess if I had more (or any) troops available I could send out patrols to gather pre-war tech to study and preserve it. Imagine the scientific breakthroughs we could make! The wasteland needs....something....mabye a group like the enclave with the purpose of preserving technology like this bi-wheel. One can dream I guess.

After day dreaming, the sight of a open subway entrance caught my eye. I know I said before that I wouldn't want to go underground, but it just seemed so appealing at the time. I slowly opened the gate to the forgotten railway and slinked inside.

It seemed a while before my eyes became accustom to the low-lighting and even longer for my brain to realize the oddity of lights still working. At the time, my instincts kicked in as my arm reached for my gun and soon I realized my instinct was correct.

The body was cold, but still fresh with little decomposition. The splatter patterns and wound made me come to the realization that this person died from a direct bullet to the cranium. A quick search led me to the conclusion that this wastelander was poor and little use to me. Strange....saying that now makes me realize how barbaric that sounds....

I followed the bullet origin to a small door that protruded noise from the other side. I took out my pistol and held it facing the door as I gently nudged it open. I guess it's good I'm such a nervous shot....or those...gentlemen would be dead right now.

To be shouted "Zombie!" as I backed up....panicked a bit.....anyway....

"Don't shoot!" cried the short one with glasses. It made me jump and drop my gun as I have never heard of zombies talking.

"Wh...ah....What are you?" I slightly yelled. Now it seems rude after the knowledge of how smart they are. Though their science goes against my morals, they are still in the same category as me in this world.

"You ain't never seen a ghoul before kid? Wait...You aren't here to steal my secret, are you?!" he more then yelled back.

After a short conversation, we came to the term that he was making "super-jet" and he would pay for sugar-bombs to complete his formula. I happened to have some packages of sugar-bombs with me and a quick swap netted me 60 bottle-caps, which I dropped in a satchel I had full of them. Apparently the wasteland's favorite drug is called "jet", but these "ghouls" are not very effected by their....err....effects. Super jet is an enhanced version that ghouls can take for the same effect.


What was important was the fact he gave me directions to Megaton. Roe told me it was the second-biggest town in the wasteland and sounded like the sort of place I am trying so hard to find. A safe-haven that I can get a real life as I either find Raven Rock or Rivet City.

I was on a long hike to the marker placed on my PDA....when I was ambushed by raiders wielding baseball-bats. I have come accustom to violence and it showed when I took my gun out and shot the closest raider in the eye. A person was quickly replaced by a corpses he rolled down the adjacent hill.

To my amusement the other one screamed and ran away. For the first time....someone is afraid of me. It may just be a small raider, but I still feel better about myself and my abilities. Now if only I can instill the same fear in slavers. One day every slaver will fear me.... "Origin of Raider Party"

The excitement was followed by the most amazing sight of my small time in the wasteland. It is of a small town ruined by atomic war....but in the distance...that's the first-time I caught eyes of this city. It was like seeing end results after years of hard research. A grand sight that filled me with joy. I quickly took a picture and rushed towards this holy grail. Any other time I would spend trying to loot this desolate village, but at that point I had only one thing in my sight.

A standard Rob-Co robo greeted me and a sniper carefully watched my every mood. I don't know what to expect with these mixed signs, but it was amazing to see a robot way out here in such a grand condition. I wanted to examine it and take it apart....but I figure the sniper would not take kindly to that.
A dead raider gave me the warning not to try anything, but not like I would anyway. After the gates harshly opened up...I had another set of gates to get through. I pushed them open and it took more then normal effort to get them open. I almost tripped over myself as I stumbled into the city. What a grand display of my power and knowledge of the wasteland.

A....sheirf...of sorts greeted me to Megaton and warned me not to try anything. I told him I wouldn't and he seemed happy enough to hear someone so civilized. I wouldn't call myself anymore after the things I have seen and done. I guess he is the local sheriff and mayor of town...imagine the responsibilities this man has.

To make a long story short...I am currently in awe of such a marvelous trophy to the persistence of man-kind. All built in a crater around a bomb! I guess that explains the name and the numbers on my Geiger-Counter.
A friendly woman named Lucy gave me some complimentary noodles and chatted with me for a while. There is so much to learn about this town...not only do I have to find a place to call my own and a job to help me better supply myself. I sense a lot of work ahead, but for now I am just enjoying my noodles. Signing off for now, this is Devs, the most inspired man in the world.


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